Real Estate


What if your listings could magically attract buyers in the market to purchase a new home?  What if you could craft your message to target Sunday drivers with your open house information?

The Yoohoo Real Estate Marketing service lets you reach potential buyers up to a half mile a way from the property location. How does it work?  We mark your listing GPS location with a 1/2 mile radius (1 mile in diameter) border. When our app users that are specifically interested in Real Estate come within range, we’ll deliver the listing details.

Let’s think about that for a minute. This means that you can reach mobile phone users that are well beyond your road side signs. Plus, you can schedule different content based on the time and day.  For example, you could offer a full listing information all day Monday-Friday but also offer “Open House” type of information on Sundays.

Whether you are a real estate professional or you are selling a home by owner, Yoohoo makes it easy to deliver your content.

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Apartment Rentals
  • For Sale By Owner
  • AirBnb & Vacation Rentals